About the Game

Symphony of the Machine was born at Global Game Jam 2016, at one of the Perth meets, with the theme of “Ritual.” The game itself was originally conceived to be some sort of mechanical raindance and has evolved into the peaceful zen puzzler that it is today. The “ritual” became your interaction with the Machine- an ancient device built by a civilisation from long ago to control the weather.

Your aim in the game is to restore the life and ecosystem in the blasted landscape around the valley where the tower that contains the Machine is situated. Symphony is a game about creating the right weather patterns by solving a series of increasingly complex puzzles, in a tactile virtual environment.

Why Virtual Reality

Symphony is a game that is designed for and is completely at home in VR, and cannot exist outside of it. In the game, you use your system’s controllers to touch and move the components of the Machine and adjust the positions as you redirect the Machine’s central beam into a series of Glyphs- which drive the various devices positioned around the tower. We really wanted the experience to be about the player inhabiting the environment of the game and manipulating the Machine instinctively.


In Symphony, there is no time pressure. We want you to take your time and immerse yourself in a nice place. In many ways it is the ideal first experience with VR as we want it to be pleasant and fulfilling. Symphony is immersive art that the player gets to inhabit.


The game is centred around the Tower with many Glyphs positioned around the top floor. A central beam projects out of the middle of the tower and a robot companion hands you a series of tools, mirrors, splitter pipes, filters and the like to redirect and change the beam and position it so it activates the Glyphs around the area.

It sounds simple, but the configurations and puzzles become increasingly challenging over time. All the while, the player inhabits the beautiful environment of Symphony and experiences the lush soundtrack.

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