From glorious sunshine…

… to gusting winds …

… control the weather to make the plants grow.

Out Now on Playstation VR and HTC VIve

A VR game with a difference

Enter the Tower … and awaken it

Symphony of the Machine is an immersive virtual reality puzzle game. It differs greatly from many other of the titles in the emerging VR marketplace in that it is peaceful, serene and pleasant, rather than being fast-paced and intense.


About the Game

What is Symphony?

Symphony of the Machine was born at Global Game Jam 2016, at one of the Perth meets, with the theme of “Ritual.” The game itself was originally conceived to be some sort of mechanical raindance and has evolved into the peaceful zen puzzler that it is today. The “ritual” became your interaction with the Machine- an ancient device built by a civilisation from long ago to control the weather.

Word from the Machine

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